Videoproiettore 3D, LASER SSL Full HD 1920x1080p, 16:9 contrasto 20.000:1

The first Laser, Full-HD UST projector

Dreamvision extends its Pro range with a new projector: the UST25-4500HDi. The UST25-4500HDi is an upgraded UST25-4000HDi with a more powerful Laser source and an improved light engine. It still has the great performances that made the UST25 Series famous thanks to the combination of laser technology and high resolution.

100" screen just from 1 foot distance

The main benefit of the 0.25:1 ultra short throw ratio is that the UST25 projectors can display a 100" diagonal screen (220 cm wide) from just 1 foot off the screen or wall. Therefore, the projector can sit on or into a millwork right below the screen or ceiling mounted right above it.

Laser Diode: SSL source

Laser technology, being a solid-state light source, has no restriction on the projector position and installation orientation and it can even be used in portrait mode without issue.

4500 ANSI Lumens

Powered by a powerfull 4W Laser diode, the UST25-4500HDi is one of the brightest ultra-short throw projector available on the market, capable of producing 4,500 ANSI lumens. The Laser has an exceptional longevity of 30,000 hours of uninterrupted projection

Turns On/Off in a snap

The UST25s' laser technology takes only 8 seconds to reach its optimal picture quality. Similarly, it switches off in less than 2 seconds. There is no cooling off period required because the laser technology doesn't use an incandescent lamp and runs at very low temperature which makes it ideal for 24/7 operations.

High conectivity: USB or WiFi

This unit can read multimedia files directly from any external disk drives or USB sticks. When the WiFi dongle is connected, it can even access to multimedia content stored on any compatible devices such as mobile phones, tablets, computers or laptops connected to the WLAN.

3D video playback, gaming or simulation

Pick up a pair of DLP-Link glasses and enjoy 3D contents such as movies, games or simulation directly on your wall or screen.

Better overall Picture

The UST25-4500HDi is brighter, more contrasted and also more colorful than the previous UST25 projector. The picture quality is greatly improved by using a more powefull Laser diode and also thanks to the increase of performances in color reproduction and the better brightness uniformity.

NEW: UST25-4500 HDI
• Resolution: 1920x1080

• Contrast: 20,000: 1
• Brightness: 4500 ANSI Lumens • Throw Ratio: 0.25:1
• Laser Source: 4W 455nm
• Lifetime: 20,000 hours
• Noise level: 30 dB
• Colors: 109.29% of REC.709

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TEST DRIVE : Reference 10 XV 1000-AA
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